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WD - Woodberry Down, London UK

From Manor House subway station, a corner strip of optician, newsstand, grocery store, a backery and a mobile phone supplier, a dry cleaners and more small supermarkets. On the other side, before the beginning of the Ivy House strip, where many temporary residents have been relocated by Hackney Council, another parade of small businesses with a Fried Chicken, a Kebab parlour, and a trendy sidewalk café called Simply Organique and Evergreen Express organic grocery store, more grocery stores and newsstands and a Ladbroker. On the opposite site of Green Lanes, the affordable Travelodge Hotel built in 2018. Entering Woodberry Down from the bustling intersection of Seven Sisters Road and Green Lanes might at first seem like entering into a rural setting, a tree-lined street with a few Victorian Homes, and the medieval looking St. Olave’s Church dating back to 1893. Inside the main hall, photos of a congregation rejoined by the black community of Woodberry Down. Right opposite the Church, we are in the new Woodberry Down. Berkeley Group banners hang from street lamps and a square-shaped block of flats with a Gymgroup fitness club on the street front. Here it starts, the new Woodberry Down: not far is a cluster of highrise towers with metal cladding sporting square-shaped glass balconies on every floor. On the right, the concierges of the newly built Odel House and Kingsly Building, and the pathway to the ample Spring Park, where moms bring their kids to play in front of the reservoirs. Opposite the still standing Beis Chinuch Lebonos jewish Girls School, lie some of the old 5-storey brick blocks of the old Woodberry Down, with their gardens and car parks. These are not ugly buildings. Indeed, both the facades and the green areas are quite well kept. Welcome to the Woodberry Down. A fragmented, hybrid (Watt 2018) neighborhood.

All images in this gallery are © 2020-2023 Alessandro Busà 

GSD - Gartenstadt Drewitz, Potsdam Germany

All images in this gallery are © 2020-2023 Alessandro Busà 

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